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Open Mic Nite

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Purple Cow Brainstorming Circle

Note:  We're currently in a period of reinvention, and so

our monthly Idea Pitching "OPEN MIC NITES" will be

on hold in Philadelphia. 


Feel free to start your own - help is here.



Check out who pitched at our January 2008 event: 

Thanks to Independents Hall for hosting!


----------------------> Having trouble signing in? Just send an email to thepurplecows@gmail.com


R. Quinn Hall, MS CS; MBA Int'l Business



Izzy Christopher Isabella, MBA Industrial Design

New Product Development


Suzanne Stauffer, M.Ed.
-- TV & film producer

-- Creator and owner of Beyond the Bus Stop, LLC.  She has appeared on QVC, Inside Edition, TLC and CBS.  Her current vision is to continue to motivate and inspire others to go beyond the ordinary through seminars, retreats, events and coaching DVD’s being produced by Beyond the Bus Stop.




Brett Silver

Social Philly:  http://www.socialphilly.com/

Silver Marketing Group:  http://www.silvermarketinggroup.com

Phlare Magazine /  Doing Business in Philadelphia / Young Professional Women's Expo


Mimi S, MBA Finance

Author & workshop leader, Job Search Process

Next workshop:  Wed, Jan. 30, 6:30p-8:30p @ Steinbright Hall (Drexel University)

Click here for more workshop details


Oliver Picher

Strategic Communications & Marketing Consultant

Blog:  http://funwithnetworking.com/

photo by Kristin Hoebermann 


Actress, singer, voiceover talent

Kathia Jane Band on MySpace


Playing next in NYC

Sun, Feb. 3rd, 7:30p @ http://www.ottosshrunkenhead.com/

Howard Fox

Michael Klusek

Online Sales Success is a Philadelphia consultancy that designs and optimizes business blogs to attract organic search engine traffic and more sales.

Shahrooz Bhopti

Next Wave Network LLC

Driven Compassion Foundation

Cathy Larkin, Artful Communications

Public Relations Consulting, Writing/Editing and Photography



-Looking for responses to new draft taglines for a client

-Also looking for ideas to draw people from the city to see an exhibition at a museum near sports complexes for a possible new client.

cathylarkinpr at comcastdotnet, or theartfultraveler at gmaildot com

 (optional) insert pic/logo here 

Yan Jiang, MBA

Real Estate

The Philadelphia Inquirer, "A Step Up from Working in PJ's" Sunday, August 19, 2007

CLEM MURRAY / Inquirer Staff Photographer

Alex Hillman

Independents Hall | this is how philly does coworking





Comments (6)

Anonymous said

at 12:17 pm on Jun 12, 2007

How do I add my name to the list ? _ i hit MSVP twice and nothing appeared to have happened. bgbg

Anonymous said

at 10:07 am on Jul 16, 2007

hi bill,

try this:
(a) go to our MSVP page
(b) click "Edit Page" at the top
(c) if you see a bunch of html code, you are in the html editor.... if you like, you can click on the "Point-and-Click editor" at the top right to edit just like a Word doc...

Let me know if this helps....

Anonymous said

at 3:35 pm on Jul 20, 2007

Hi....I think I have this right, but I cant figure out how to add my picture ( maybe a good thing..:)

Anonymous said

at 4:13 pm on Jul 20, 2007

Hi Todd,

We definitely want to see you! Try this:
(1) Go to "edit page"--> password = "tippingpoint"
(2) Put your cursor in the cell "(Optional) Insert picture/logo here"
(3) Towards the top of the page, you'll see a panel reminiscent of Microsoft Word's. Click on "Insert Image" and browse to your photo file.
(4) Voila!

Does this help?
Vive la Cow!

Anonymous said

at 1:33 pm on Jan 22, 2008

To save space, you might want to clean out a couple of photos I uploaded before I got the size right. The one that is up and works is named cathyheadshot2.jpg. The others that say Cathy-face-small web etc. can be deleted. I tried to delete them from the photo list but couldn't. thanks

Anonymous said

at 12:37 am on Jan 23, 2008

Thanks, Cathy - you're right, there are lots of photos in there that should be deleted. As for uploading photos small enough to fit in the cell - one of the cool features here is that you may upload a photo of any size, and simply resize it after you've clicked "Upload" by dragging the corner of the picture (you might need to just click on the photo first to see the resizing tool directly on the photo).

So happy you joined us tonight!

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