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"Vision without execution is hallucination." - Thomas Edison


Congratulations to these Purple Cow torchbearers for passionately manifesting their ideas!  A big "Hip Hip MOOray" to you all.  Let's get this list growing, shall we?


SoulGen.com, A Movement Through Music | Pre-Launch August 2007, Official Launch October 2007

SoulGenesis is the "next generation of social responsibility."  As a media lifestyle company, our mission is to promote high quality, positive music and other media while raising awareness and facilitating socially responsible and healthy living.

The organization was founded upon the belief that each one of us has the power and potential to be an agent of positive change, and we want to help facilitate that process.  Our first initiative is Soulgen.com, a dynamic, new online-community where people can find great music, inspiring people and positive events and projects.

In October, we will begin our official launch of SoulGen.com.  We will host a series of dynamic events and partner with great initiatives such as the DC Green Festival. 


Join the movement - Check out our site, www.soulgen.com, and join our mailing list.


<-- Photo of Jason Green, SoulGen Co-founder

Mimi Somsanith, Author of "Job Search Process" | Launched August 2007

Congrats to Mimi making her author debut!  In her words, "It was rewarding for me to recollect and compile the elements of the job+search+process, including networking tips and ways to be frugal, and I hope that readers can relate and take away aspects they find helpful for any search process."

"Job Search Process" is available on lulu.com


"We all seem to have gone through the job search process at least once in our lifetime. Yet, some ingredients are often overlooked because most of us do not carry serious conversations on this subject as if it is something we assume everybody knows enough of and does sufficiently well at. Job Search Process is a book that readers could relate to on various levels. It touches on some emotional aspects, thinking concepts, habitual attitudes that we, as humans, have and use to navigate through times of difficulties. One reader's comment, “It flowed really well and was an easy read. My favorite parts are the bulleted list of items to check through to keep focused during the job search. I also liked the personalized nature of your input woven into what needs to be done to remain positive and on track.” (Shahrooz Bhopti).  E-mail Mimi here.


Independents Hall | Launched August 2007

The Coworking movement is now a reality in Philly!  See Wired article, "Freelancers Forgo Office Space for Casual Coworking" which quotes local Philly coworking evangelist, Alex Hillman.

Coworking Space in Old City @ 32 Strawberry Street, Philadelphia

Coworking Membership signup (ranging from daypass to business memberships), click here

Independents Hall also has a job posting site for those in need of web developers, Web 2.0 sages, graphic designers, writers, photographers, etc.


"Independents Hall is a community of freelancers, independents, work-from-home people, who have an interest in getting out of their dull work day and participating in a community that’s designed to support and encourage people who make a living doing what they love.  We provide communication tools, events (social and educational), as well as a physical space to work and collaborate.  Once operational, this space will provide:  workspaces (desks, tables, chairs, and couches), broadband internet (wired and wireless), a conference room with professional conference amenities (boardroom table/chairs, digital projector, whiteboard), secure equipment storage, a relaxing and stimulating environment to work, a support group of interesting, smart, and talented people, infinite organic networking opportunities, and much, much more!"


<-- Photo of Alex Hillman, IH Co-Founder


PHLnetworking.pbwiki.com by Oliver Picher | Launched June 2007

As far as I know, this is the first community-driven directory of professional networking groups in Philadelphia. It was recently launched in June 2007, and it already has a substantial listing of groups, some of which I never knew existed!  Check it out here .
















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